Why You Should Not Use Freeware Mac Keyloggers

By searching "Freeware Mac Keylogger" in Google, you can get a lot of results. But after research, you will find most of them are questions from other Mac users or fake information about Freeware Mac Keylogger. Why? There are a lot of Mac Keyloggers but few of them is freeware.

The only available Freeware Mac Keylogger at present is LogKext which is an open source Keylogger for Mac OS X. It hooks into the kernel to bypass userspace security measures and logs what user typed on the keyboard. All the operations of LogKext are taken place in Terminal – the command-line tool in Mac OS X. LogKext is no longer under active development by it’s developer. If you would like to try it out, you can download from Google Code.

People are likely to be attracted to the word "FREE" and they prefer to select Freeware Mac Keylogger for the sake of saving money. As keylogger experts, however, we suggest people DO NOT use Freeware Mac Keyloggers as they are not safe and easy to use. The superiority of Non-Free Mac Keyloggers is as below:

  • Green and safe
    There is a common anxiety of virus, Trojans and malware that Mac Keyloggers brings to people’s Mac computers. However, the problem existing in Freeware Mac Keyloggers will not happen to shareware ones that are tested as clean and security protected by third party.
  • Easy to use
    The only Freeware Mac Keylogger Logkext requires users to operate in Terminal which is dangerous to Mac newbies. Shareware Mac Keyloggers are easier to use just like other applications on Mac and most of them will provide detailed guide or instructions.
  • More features
    While Freeware Keyloggers for Mac only logs keystrokes, shareware Mac Keylogger records more, including keystrokes, passwords, websites, chat logs and desktop screenshots. Some Mac Keyloggers also deliver logs to Emails or FTP space for remote review.
  • Customer service
    Shareware Mac Keyloggers guarantee the quality of after service given to customers. Some trustworthy Mac Keylogger vendors also offer different types of customer services such as email, ticket, online support in case users run into difficult problems.

Who are using Mac Keyloggers?

  • System Administrators
    System administrators take advantage of Mac Keyloggers to monitor what happens to their Mac when they are away and make sure their friends and families are not abusing the Mac
  • Parents and guardians
    With the help of keylogger software, parents can easily watch children’s activities online like chat activities, visited website and track what they do on the Mac in your absence.
  • Managers and Employers
    Mac Keyloggers detect how much time employees spend in working and how they make use of company’s Internet resources and other details on Mac during working hours. Trustworthy employee monitoring Mac keylogger: Easemon for Mac
  • Computer Classes and Internet Cafes
    Mac Keyloggers in Computer Classes and Internet Cafes will let you secretly find out whether the users are misusing the Mac and performing activities that are not allowed.

All in all, Freeware Mac Keyloggers are limited in features without security protection or quality service. If you need a Mac Keylogger to help you to watch on kids, supervise employee computers, a shareware Mac Keylogger is worth commendatory.

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