Free Web Filter Mac Helps You Restrict Web Using

Free Web Filter for Mac, a program that works with on Mac OS X computers, assists network administrators to block websites, block games and block applications. For many people and institutions, controlling the content Mac users can access is a real necessity to ensure a safe and clean browsing experience. Aobo Web Filter for Mac that provides 5-day free trial becomes one of the best choices.

Free Web Filter for Mac work invisibly on your Mac to restrict Internet access for homes and businesses. You can make use of Free Web Filter for Mac for following purposes.

1. Restrict website access

Free Web Filter for Mac is built in with porn words black list. By editing the keywords or URLs in black list, you can decide which websites or webpages you want to block. You can prevent any website from loading any web browsers on your Mac very easily.

2. Block applications

Another available filtering feature of Free Web Filter for Mac is applications blocking – stop any applications on your Mac from running. It is helpful if your children are addicted to games or your employees use torrent downloaders through company’s network to download files and so on.

3. Record website history

Free Web Filter for Mac logs every website visits in every web browser. Tracking website history enables you to optimize the blocking work. If you find there are inappropriate websites visited, you can add it to the black list by clicking a button easily.

There are practical uses to apply a Free Web Filter for Mac. It helps you restrict inappropriate surfing and enforce Internet usage policies in your home or company. Free Web Filter for Mac can completely block all the websites, allow access only to websites you specify or deny web access to the websites you specify. Email clients, torrent downloaders, Instant Messengers, games, etc. can also be restricted.

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