Internet Control Filter To Block Facebook

De nos jours, le Internet control filter which can be used to block Facebook is increasingly becoming necessary in every family, why? En effet, Facebook is a good platform to share, communicate in our modern life. But many people waste too much time and energy on it such as your kids or employees. So viewed in this way, Facebook is not such a good thing for those with poor self-control. As we all know, young kids cannot resist much temptation on the wonderful social networks and spend too much time on it instead of studying hard. Maybe the same applies to your poor self-control employees. C’est pourquoi, installing an Internet control filter to block Facebook is very urgent!

Aobo Web Filter is the best filter for Internet control which allows parents, employees to monitor, block and manage your kids or employees on the Mac. Avec le Internet control filter, parents are allowed to block your kids’ activity on the Facebook. The software helps you filter any certain Facebook web pages separately. Par exemple, you can add the photo page separately to the Black List of the Internet control filter, and it will block the page automatically when you open it next time. Ce qui ’ s plus, it also can block all Facebook pages on your Mac. You just need to add the website "" to the Black List of the Internet control filter, and it will help you block all Facebook pages completely.

Employers also can use the Internet control filter to monitor and manage your employees’ behavior on Facebook. It is reported that every year thousands of labor hours are lost to irrelevant web surfing, sites de réseautage sociales, online video games, and instant messenger chat. You may doubt about these huge amount of time wasted this way, but it is true. Le Internet control filter for web blocking helps you monitor all websites that your employees viewed on the Mac and block any Facebook pages. Adding the websites and keywords "Facebook" to the Black List, you are able to block all the web pages which include the "Facebook". De cette façon, you can find out which one is really working and which one is wasting time online.

Apart from blocking Facebook pages on your Mac, le Internet control filter blocks any websites that you don’t want to visit. De plus,, it not only blocks websites running on your Mac but also blocks any unwanted applications and games running and monitors all web activity on your Mac. Download a free trial one to experience right now!

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