Follow Aobo Web Filter to Keep Teens Safe Online

Online safety is never far from any debate on teens and the Internet. Most of the online safety experts share the same advice about how to keep them safe online. There are few variations, but the basics are always the same: Do not click untrusted links given by others, use firewall and antivirus solutions, do not give away personal information.

Those tips and tricks can be helpful but it’s not always easy for parents to clear up this information to teens. Aobo web filter, professional teen’s online safety expert, has come up with some simple messages that parents can follow to make teens safe online while continuing to enjoy the Internet:

Zip it – Make sure kids know to keep private information safe. The information should not been given away are like: Real name, personal pictures, school information, family address and phone number. You can help keep your children’s information safe by privacy settings. This can restrict access to personal information and photos on things like social networking sites. You can also encourage your children to use a nickname instead of their real name in chat rooms or on instant messaging services. To stop people from accessing your children’s online accounts, encourage them to keep their passwords secret, and to change them regularly.

Block it – Get your children to block people who send offensive messages and tell them not to open unknown links and attachments. They should delete any suspicious emails or attachments which may contain something offensive or have a virus that can cause damage to the computer.

One of the main ways children may come across inappropriate content online is through search results. Most search engines include a ‘safe search’ option that excludes results containing inappropriate images or keywords. You can also install web blocker to filter out porn, harmful and inappropriate content for computers.

Report it – Tell your teens to be alerted to any nasty messages or in any way makes them feel uncomfortable. It is not their fault if they get a message like that. Tell your teens to turn to adults right away once they encounter such hassles.

Monitor it – Sit down with your children and watch what they are doing. Monitoring your teens’ online activities makes you more available to spot trouble that they get into.

It’s also a good idea to open the conversation directly with your kids and teens about online safety.

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