Why People Use Family Keylogger for Mac

Aobo Family Keylogger Mac help family members to monitor and log what has been done by people who uses home Mac with when you are away, like your kids. If you have a kid in your family, check out with Aobo Family Keylogger Mac.

Why Do People Install Family Keylogger Mac?

  • Safeguard children from online dangers.
    There are a few risks for children who use the Internet or other online services because they often go online unsupervised and participate in online dangers like drugs, sex or violence.
  • Catch a cheating spouse red handed.
    Instant Messengers and dating websites are created not only for making friends, but also for love affairs. When people cheat on their partners, Internet is usually a giveaway and sometimes more important than others.

If you really concern about your children’s online security, you’d better know what websites your kids visit and what people your they communicates with in the Internet. Family Keylogger Mac logs what your kids typed and browsed, including keystrokes, websites, chats and desktop screenshots. In addition, Family Keylogger Mac is functional in recording 2-side chat contents from popular IMs for Mac. The website logging feature helps you restore Safari/Firefox/Chrome history even when they are deleted.

Now you will know exactly what your family members are doing and explore the dangers and truth at the earliest time with Aobo Family Keylogger Mac. You don’t have to analyze your teenagers’ next rebellious activities. Maybe you have to be in the dark while your spouse is cheating on you. You have the right to know the truth. But, it’s inappropriate to monitor your spouse. With Family Keylogger Mac, you can understand your family better and communicate with them better.

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