Facebook Rules by Aobo Keylogger for Mac

Facebook Rules for children from Aobo Keylogger for Mac

Social networks are significant part for boys and girls’ online adventure. Aobo Keylogger for Mac offers 10 pieces of advices for tracking as well as safeguarding your children upon social networks sites, for instance, Facebook and MySpace.

  1. Parents ought to know the sign in password and have absolutely permission to access their Children’ web page.
  2. Parents ought to modify their children’ settings to ensure that their user profile is safe (privacy, visibility, and so on).
  3. Parents ought to consider having an account in Facebook on their own, and kids should add and make their families as "friends".
  4. Children should never add people they don’t know as friends, or utilize the Facebook chat box to talk with unknown people.
  5. Parents ought to specify a restriction about the time period when kids are allowed on Facebook.
  6. The home computer must be placed within a usual area of the family house, for example a living room, in which it would turn out to be in straightforward watch.
  7. Children must not publish private information (home address, contact number, photos, and many others.) with anybody in Facebook who they don’t know well.
  8. Children ought to inform their families when they notice something or chat with any one on Facebook that causes them to uncomfortable without delay; additionally, parents must act immediately to block out or report that person.
  9. Parents is unable to usually stay together with children when they’re taking pleasure in Facebook.
  10. If your children break any of the set rules, his / her account should directly be deleted and a probation period should be on until they re-earn their parents’ trust.

Parental control Keyloggers for Mac OS X are great assistant for parenting. Aobo Keylogger for Mac helps parents store and backup logs and you will be able to learn up-to-date Facebook activities of young children and take measures to safeguard them soon enough.

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