What You Should Know About Keystroke Spy for Mac

Keystroke Spy for Mac is invisible keystroke logging software and computer monitoring surveillance that can keep track of every word or keystroke users enter and capture screenshots of their activities. Keystroke Spy for Mac can run in total stealth, and email you the logs of all the keystrokes typed.

What can Keystroke Spy for Mac do?

  • Track user activities by Logging Keystrokes and Capturing Screenshots.
  • Record Passwords typed in web browsers and applications
  • Εγγραφή ιστοσελίδες επισκέφθηκε στο Safari, Firefox, Χρώμιο
  • Record All chat conversations in Skype, ΣΤΌΧΟΣ, iChat, MSN, Adium
  • Record Desktop Screenshots periodically
  • Record the IP address of monitored Macintosh

Keystroke Spy for Mac enables you to log all keystrokes users type, and record screenshots of all their activities while using your Mac. Εν τω μεταξύ, keystroke logs can show you what users typed in emails, files, έγγραφα, chat sessions, ιστοσελίδα επισκέψεις, και πολλά άλλα. Τι ’ s περισσότερο, Keystroke Spy for Mac gives you visual proof of user activities with its periodical screenshots taken.

How does Keystroke Spy for Mac work?

– ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΣ, Μυστικότητα της παρακολούθησης
Keystroke Spy for Mac is designed to be an invisible and secure monitoring program, namely, it does not appear in the Login Items, Dock and Menu Bar. The program operates in a invisible and a stealth mode. When it works stealthily, neither the process list nor the list of installed applications will show Keystroke Spy for Mac. The program starts at system boots and logs user activities into files.

– Remote Monitoring via Email or FTP
Keystroke Spy for Mac not only logs keystrokes, but it can also act as a remote behavior reporter and monitoring system. Reports on user activities are delivered through e-mail or FTP connection. Even miles away from Monitored systems, you can still receive regular updates of user activities notifications.

Keystroke Spy for Mac is the ideal solution for anyone running a Mac computer. It is easy to use and requires no special knowledge. Once installed and configured, Keystroke Spy for Mac will run invisibly and silently. No one other than you, the owner of the computer, is able to know that it is running. The software will then record every keystroke and even take occasional screenshots. Everything will be recorded in fully comprehensive logs for you to read over when you get the chance.

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