Where to Download a Good Remote Keylogger

A good remote keylogger enables you to:

  • Log keystrokes and passwords
  • Log URLs of visited websites
  • Log files downloaded online
  • Spy on computer undetectably
  • Log application usage activity
  • Capture screenshots periodically
  • Restrict web and program usage
  • Remotely view logs by email/FTP

What is a remote keylogger?

Generally speaking, a remote keylogger refers to software-based keylogger. As mentioned, remote keyloggers track every typed keystroke detail and other keyboard activities performed on the target computer system, including passwords, keystrokes, copy, paste and so on.

A remote keylogger achieves remotely monitoring by uploading logs to a website or FTP account where you can view or download the log reports which also can be sent to an email address for later viewing.

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Where can you download a good remote keylogger?

There are many remote keylogger for download on the Internet, then where to download a good remote keylogger? Micro Keylogger is your best choice if you would like to download a good remote keylogger.

  • Safe Remote Keylogger Download

    There are always security issues related to remote keyloggers. Yet, Micro Keylogger has always been impressed with a safe remote keylogger download by both media and customers. It has been awarded as 100% safe and clean keylogger software by CNET. The remote keylogger download is guaranteed as virus-free and hacker-safe.

  • Easy Remote Keylogger Download

    Software remote keylogger is a much more easy-to-get solution compared to hardware keyloggers. Micro Keylogger provides you with easy and straight Remote Keylogger Download. Just visit the Micro Keylogger Free Trial Download page and then you are able to download the keylogger directly without any other steps.

  • Free Remote Keylogger Download

    The best remote keylogger provides user with a free trial copy so that you can try out before purchase. The free remote keylogger download allows you to enjoy the monitoring for free. Thus, you can keep a watchful eye on the computer activities of your family or your company.

How does Micro Keylogger – the best remote keylogger work for you?

  • Step 1

    Download and install Micro Keylogger

    Download Micro Keylogger and double click Microkeylogger.exe to install it. After intall, please press hot key "Shift+Alt+M" and click "Contine Free Trial" to open Micro Keylogger. If the free trial expires, you can purchase it here.

  • Step 2

    Configure Micro Keylogger to work efficiently on the computer

    After installation, please configure Micro Keylogger to make it work well on your computer.

    You are allowed to check what you want to record such as visited websites, used applications, typed keystrokes and more. The interval of capturing desktop screenshots can be set according to your preference if you want to catch more activities happened on the computer.

    The powerful blocking function of Micro Keylogger gives you the ability to remotely control the activity on the computer. It enables you to filter websites simply by adding the URLs or keywords of the websites to the filter list, and block applications by adding the keywords in application process name to filter list as well.

  • Step 3

    Remotely checking all activities happened on the computer

    For remote viewing and checking, please be sure to configure the email or FTP options, because Micro keylogger supports remote checking all recorded logs via email o FTP. By configuring it successfully, users is able to check all logs remotely on any device which is easily connected to the Internet.

You can remotely know:

  • All keystrokes users typed
  • What they search for online
  • Passwords & user names typed
  • URLs of visited websites
  • Used applications
  • Downloaded files
  • Composed email content
  • Social networking activity
  • IM chat conversation typed
  • Desktop activity in real time
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