Was ist die beste Business-Computer-Monitoring-Software? - Spion-Software

The best business computer monitoring software for Mac such as Easemon can used to decrease a lot of repulsive things in the company so as to efficiently boost employee productivity. These are the usual bad scenario at the office that employees slay time on Facebook, use company computers to shop online, or pinch company intellectual […]

Nutzen Sie Cheating Ehepartner Spion-Software legal - Spion-Software

Ist es einfacher, um herauszufinden, ob Ihr Ehepartner mit einem Betrug Ehepartner Spion-Software-Programm auf Sie betrogen hat? Jedoch, gibt es ein großes Problem ist, dass Sie nur Ihre Frau überwachen oder Mann, nachdem Sie die Erlaubnis erhalten, oder es ist illegal, das zu tun. We strongly suggest that you shouldn’t use […]

Guide to Choose Spy Software - Spion-Software

A guide to choose spy software also matters a lot when you are considering monitoring software. A spy software program does not necessarily mean software used for spying. It can mean any software that monitors all activities of a user. You need a guide to choose spy software depending on what you need to monitor […]

Software or Hardware Keylogger for Mac Spy? - Spion-Software

Applying a Mac spy program is one of the most common ways to key log a Mac. Apart from logging keystrokes, recording websites, some Mac spy software will also do screen capturing every several minutes. The difficult parts about running Mac spy software are: Users’ access control of Mac Obtaining reports The first one is […]

Was ’ s die Unterschiede zwischen Hardware-Keylogger und Keylogger-Software - Spion-Software

Kennen Sie die Unterschiede zwischen Hardware-Keylogger und Keylogger-Software? Kurz gesagt, Keylogger, die in zwei Hauptkategorien eingeteilt ist: softwarebasierte Keylogger und Hardware-basierte keylogger, kann im Hintergrund jeden Tastenanschlag Typded auf einem Computer ohne Benachrichtigung des Benutzers Computer aufzeichnen. Alle Tastatur-Aktivitäten können im stealth-Modus erfasst werden. Keystroke logging […]

Tipps: Auto-Delete Feature of Aobo Mac Spy Software - Spion-Software

One feature of Aobo Mac Spy Keylogger for Mac OS X is that you can set it to automatically delete logs after several days. Here we will give an introduction to the details of how it actually works, which will help users understand how to make Aobo Mac Spy Software work better. 1. The function […]

Tips to Monitor Mutiple User Accounts by Mac Spy Software - Spion-Software

Aobo Mac Spy Software can work on multi-user accounts on a Mac computer even if what you purchased is Personal License. To make Aobo Mac Spy Software monitor another user account’s keystrokes, websites and desktop, please refer to the following steps. How-tos: 1. Login to the user account you want to monitor. 2. Download the […]

Use Aobo Mac Keylogger on a Different User Account - Spion-Software

Aobo Mac Keylogger can be used to monitor Mac users’ Tastenanschläge, websites and desktop screenshots on Mac. Its spy function on a Mac computer is not limited to one user account, but multi-user accounts. The following steps will tell you how to monitor another user’s activity on Mac. Steps: Login to the user account you […]

The Future Development of Aobo Keylogger - Spion-Software

What new features and functions do you want in the next versions of Aobo Mac Keylogger? According to the feedback of Aobo Keylogger for Mac users, the future versions of Aobo Keylogger for Mac will develop in the following two aspects. Aobo Keylogger for Mac will develop as Mac OS X upgrades and new functions will be added […]

What Can We Do With Aobo Mac Spy Software - Spion-Software

Aobo Spy Software for Mac OS X is designed to record Mac user activities by logging the keystrokes typed on a keyboard, capturing screenshots of the Mac desktop and recording websites visited from browsers. Aobo Spy Software for Mac OS X is accomplished in Mac Spy work and will help you attain your goals at […]

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