Monitor Mac Activities Via PC With Mac Spy Software - mac keystroke logger

Using parental control software is very important for setting certain rules and restrictions when it comes with computer and Internet, but parents need more than just parental control software. For those who have Mac computers in their homes, there is also a need for monitoring children and others. The perfect solution comes from Aobo Spy […]

Monitor Mac User Activities With PC - mac keystroke logger

When it comes to computer and Internet, it is very important for parents to set some rules and restrictions. Men, rules are not enough in some cases. They need more tools like parental control software. In those families which have Mac computers, parents need a solution to spy on children and other family members. Aobo […]

The Fair and Foul of a Keylogger for Mac - mac keystroke logger

Keylogger for Mac is one of the most effective methods of computer monitoring. It provides an important extra level of surveillance in addition to the rules and restrictions that can be set with Parental Controls on Mac. While Keylogger for Mac doesn’t prevent online dangers directly, it allows you to know about it quickly and […]

3 Other Mac Spy Software Scams You Need to Know - mac keystroke logger

Scams never stop. Days ago we have a discussion about Mac Spy Software Scams, and this time Aobo Software will continue to disclose some Mac Spy Software scams which are going about the world. 1. Mac Spy Software that records keystrokes typed before installation. Mac Spy Software will not log keystrokes tapped before the keylogger […]

Another Keylogger for Mac Scams You Need to Know - mac keystroke logger

Scams never stop. Days ago we have a discussion about Keylogger for Mac Scams, and this time Aobo Software will continue to disclose some Mac Keylogger scams which are going about the world. 1. Keyloggers for Mac that can be remotely installed by clicking a link/sending an email. No such kind of Keylogger for Mac at present […]

Tips to Make Aobo Mac Spy Software More Secure - mac keystroke logger

Notice: This guide is Out of Date. Aobo Keylogger til Mac 3.8 and above will hide itself after installation!! In order to keep kids safe online, many parents install Aobo Mac Spy Software to monitor their kids’ aktiviteter. Men, most of them are worried about the Mac spy software may be deactivated by their kids […]

Can My Kids Disable Aobo Keylogger for Mac? - mac keystroke logger

Bemærk: This article is only suitable for those users who are using Aobo Keylogger for Mac v3. 4 or the previous editions. One of the features for Aobo Mac Keylogger is helping parents to monitor kids. Men, kids today are familiar with computers and some of them are even computer genius. "Will they disable the […]

Monitor Your Mac With Keyloggers for Mac - mac keystroke logger

Here we are offering you two ways as below to help you monitor the user activities on your Mac. No matter you are parents, a husband/wife or an employer, you will get lots of help from Mac Parental Control and Aobo Keylogger for Mac. Built-in Mac Parental Control There are built-in Parental Controls in Mac […]

Is Free Keylogger for Mac Available - mac keystroke logger

It’s lucky for you to find a free keylogger for Mac. Men, you may finally get despondent when you are using such a free Keylogger for Mac since it’s far from "free". You need to accept a fact that the free Mac keylogger is not easy-to-use. Første, free keyloggers for Mac on the market now […]

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