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Keystroke Spy is a powerful tool that can log every keystroke user’s type. Tastetryk Spy kan køre i alt stealth, e-mail you when specific keywords are typed, and can even be set to only log keystrokes typed in specific applikationer. With Keystroke Spy you will be able to log hjemmesider user’s visit, e-mails, de sender, adgangskoder they use, programmer de interagerer med, maskinskrevne dokumenter, og meget mere!

If you want to use a multi-functional keylogger, then you can take Micro Keylogger into consideration.

Micro Keylogger – Professional Keystroke Spy Software

Micro Keylogger, a piece of keystroke spy software, can capture all the activities on the monitored PC, such as the keystroke and password typed, the website visited, the IM chat conversation at your end, the screenshot captured silently and secretly. Hvad ’ s mere, it can also block the unwanted websites and applications on the monitored PC. The table on the below shows you the main functions of Micro Keylogger.

  • Logs Keystrokes& Passwords Typed
  • Log Texts on the Clipboard
  • Logs Websites Visited
  • Logs Applications Activity
  • Logs IM Messages at your side
  • Block Undesirable Websites
  • Block Unwanted Applications
  • Take Screenshots Periodically
  • Check Logs via Email or FTP
  • Remote Control the Keylogger

What can you do with Micro Keylogger?

Micro Keylogger can be used in many computer environments, og på utallige måder. Here are a few possible uses for Micro Keylogger.

  • Computer overvågning
    It can record keystrokes typed, besøgte websteder, and chat or email messages sent by users on your computer. As for those weak-willed young people who still want to enrich the knowledge from the internet, Micro Keylogger, which has the recording and blocking function, can help you control the online activities of yourselves. Derefter, you can focus your attention on the useful information on the internet.
  • Medarbejder overvågning
    Holde styr på, hvad medarbejderne laver i åbningstiden. De spiller spil, eller faktisk arbejder? What are they doing on the PC actually? Micro Keylogger records all the chat conversations typed at your end and delivers the valuable information to your email box or FTP space in a silent and secret way. Derefter, you are able to know your employees’ PC activities.
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  • Spouse Monitoring
    Keep tabs on your spouse’s suspicious behavior. If you have the feeling that your spouse is trying to hide something to you, the invisible keylogger can expose your spouse’s PC activities to you so that you are able to discover the truth timely.
    Derudover, Micro Keylogger works in a complete invisible and undetectable mode that won’t attract your spouse’s attention. På denne måde, you are able to maintain the relationship with your spouse definitely.
  • Forældrekontrol
    Se, hvad dine børn laver på computeren. The recording functions of the Micro Keylogger enable you to master all your kids’ PC activities. You are able to check whether your kids are visiting the unhealthy websites or connecting with the dangerous person.
    Its blocking functions allow you to block all the undesirable websites and application. As long as you have discovered anything inappropriate, you are able to put it to the filter list so as to ensure your kids’ online safety.
  • Tastetryk Logger
    Log each and every keystroke a user types while using Windows, including passwords and emails. Desuden, the IM chat conversation at your side can be logged as well. In accordance with the keystrokes typed, you can control all the PC activities in real time.
  • Internet-overvågning
    Monitor and record all internet related activities – from websites visited, at internet chatsamtaler. I mellemtiden, Micro Keylogger also has the website blocking functions; you are able to block all those undesirable websites as well.
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  • Support: FREE Lifetime
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