Content Filtering Features

What can a good content filtering tool for Mac computers do for you? EaseMon employee monitoring software not only acts as a powerful spy software solution, but also as a content filtering tool. EaseMon can filter websites from being visited, applications from being ran by the employee, and even chat messengers from being used while EaseMon is active. Click the image for a larger version.

Content Filerting and Management

Easemon content filtering tool can control employees’ application usage, webistes, chat conversations and send alerts when inappropriate activities take place on employees’ computers

  • Application Filtering – EaseMon allows you to control what programs employees cannot run.
  • Website Filtering – EaseMon allows you to control what websites staff members can and cannot visit.
  • Chat Filtering – EaseMon allows you to control what chat messengers workers can and cannot use while EaseMon is running!
  • Email Alerts – EaseMon can be configured to send you email notifications when en employee runs an unwanted website, chat client, or application. Alerts can also be sent when the computer is started/shutdown, and when spyware detectors are installed!
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About EaseMon Employee Monitoring Software

  • Centralized Network Monitoring
  • Powerful Activity Logging
  • Internet Based Monitoring
  • Remote Administration
  • Built-In Security Settings
  • Customizable Content Filtering
  • Easy Graphical User Interface
  • Windows Vista Compatible
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  • EaseMon Employee Network Monitoring Software is the award winning network monitoring and supervision solution that your network needs! EaseMon gives you the power to log all keystrokes, websites visited, windows viewed, applications ran, internet connections made, passwords entered, chat conversations that were made, and even capture screenshots of the user’s activities!

    EaseMon Worker Monitoring Software allows you to centrally monitor and control machines on your network from one location. Remote real time administration, monitoring, and tracking of staff members on a network, content filtering has never been easier!

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