Content Filter Software Eliminates Unrelated Websites

The authoritative statistics show that almost every employee spends 1 to 2 hours on surfing on the internet unrelated to their job duty. In fact, the report implies the importance of controlling employee internet usage. As for many company bosses, if you wish to eliminate the unrelated website on your employees’ PC and convert your employees; attention to their current job, then, the content filter software turns out to be quite essential.

As for the employees who are more likely to surf on the internet to watch the entertainment news, the website blocking function of the content filter software allows you to keep your employees away from all this undesirable website. Actually, if there is any undesirable website on the internet, you are able to put the websites to the blacklist to block it. On the contrary, you can also put the indispensable websites to the white list to ensure the normal operation of the websites. Consequently, you are able to use the blacklist and the white list in a flexible way in accordance with your personal needs.

Furthermore, the content filter software can stop the unsuitable applications from running. Generally speaking, almost every company has its own frequently used applications and the internal communication tools. So, the unnecessary software, such as World of Warcraft, Facebook, can be moved to the filter list to cut off its normal operation. To some extents, your employees can spend a little more time on their current jobs to improve their working efficiency.

Apart from above, the security of the content filter software is another issue that should take into consideration. In fact, the website blocking software has two protection for your consideration. One is the invisible monitoring that can finish its task in an invisible and undetectable mode, it can dramatically reduce the risk to be found by your employees. Another one is the password protection, nobody can log into the interface of the website filtering software to modify the settings without the correct password entered. In this way, your configuration can execute smoothly.

Besides, for the convenience of your management, the content filter software allows you to apply your configuration to all your employees’ accounts, which is the so-called multiple users optional. Meanwhile, even though you are not the professional computer engineer, you are able to finish the configuration with several simple clicks. Undoubtedly, you can gain an unforgettable experience.

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