Computer Monitoring is Necessary

Contrary to popular perception, computer monitoring is no longer a vice especially in the corporate world. The high use of computers makes it important now, more than ever to know what your employees are engaged in during the working hours. With the rise in Internet activities, some employees tend to spend time on activities that are not work-related and hence lower their productivity. Eventually, the company suffers, and if not well managed, the results could be fatal. Computer monitoring in the workplace thus becomes a necessity.

However, while computer monitoring is meant for the greater good of the firm, there are different ways and levels of monitoring. Some computer monitoring software tools will focus on particular activity; others will go a step further and monitor the activities of certain apps, while others will monitor more closely by looking at the activities of all the applications in a computer. An employer should, therefore, choose the top-level of monitoring software.

Preparations for Computer Monitoring

If you want to monitor your employees, it is prudent to ensure that it is done within the confines of the company resources. This way you do not interfere with employees’ privacy. The company should also have policies that guide the employees on computer usage so that they know what the consequences are if they were found in violation of the policies.

It is also important to let the employees know that their computers are monitored and the reasons behind monitoring. This helps employees to be keen on their activities and use the company time and resources prudently.

Practice in Computer Monitoring

Computer monitoring should also include blocking of certain web websites and email content thus preventing access to certain websites. By

filtering, you are simply proactive and thus minimizing the incidences of employees accessing sites that you deem inappropriate.

The other best practice in computer monitoring is to make proper use of the reports. Depending on your settings, the computer monitoring software can give you periodic reports. Making good use of the reports will help you understand the activities that are carried out on the machines. You will also be able to pick on the sites that could be problematic and block them. Should you find other activities that do not resonate well with the company policies, you can then handle the situation by taking the necessary steps.

EaseMon Computer Monitoring Software

Computer monitoring with software is necessary, and it determines whether you will get the best computer monitoring results or not. EaseMon computer monitoring system provides you with the ability to monitor your employee’s activities from a central location. The other features of the software that are no doubt beneficial to any employer include the capacity to calculate how long an application has been used, track websites visited in private browsing mode, log typed passwords and accounts, text messages, and log both-side chat conversations of social media apps. The software also captures screenshots of the computer activities and correlates application logs with screenshots capturing feature, thus helping you understand the activities better.

The above features coupled with much more provide an easy way for computer monitoring for both local and network users of your company.

EaseMon computer monitoring software can not only be used for employee monitoring, but also work as parental control tool. As a boss, you no longer have to be in your company to watch what your employees are doing at work place. And as a parent, you don’t have to wait until you get home from work to find out what your children have been doing on the Internet with their computer. Or, if you have to be away on business, you don’t have to wait days or weeks to find out what your employees/children have been getting up to online with their computer. Keeping a track on your employees/children from a distance is necessary to make sure everything is in control.

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