Comprehensive Employee Monitoring Software Review

With the increase in Internet use, online gaming, shopping and watching videos, employers and network administrators have to now keep track of employee Internet use, monitor staff IM chats, and keep track of employees’s online activities such as shopping online and playing games. Monitoring employee Internet use is easy thanks to the free employee monitoring software and paid versions available today, but the overwhelming aspect is choosing between the several options to find the right employee monitoring software. In order to ease your buying decision, here is a staff monitoring software review that will highlight the important features of employee monitoring software for PC, Mac and iPhone and Android devices.

Discreet Monitoring and Reporting

Although it is a good practice to keep your employees informed on your monitoring techniques, it is equally important to keep your reports confidential. With employee monitoring software such as Easemon for Mac, Micro Keylogger for Windows PC and iKeyMonitor for smart phones, you are able to run this software in the background, and share reports confidentially with selected employees and even gain remote access to them at your email address.

Restricting access to individual websites is not only a time consuming process, but also at times can discourage employees with unauthorized or blocked access messages. One of the notable features of this software is not only to block websites, but the ability to set keywords. When these keywords are triggered, you can not only prevent employees from leaking secrets, but also capture screenshots and view them in slideshow mode. This will also help you stop employees from playing games or shopping online.

Saving Employee Game Site Login

Although this might seem unethical, it is highly recommended that you invest in employee monitoring software that allows you to save passwords such as Micro Keylogger for PC. Reason being that some employees may knowingly or inadvertently leak company secrets through social media and IM chat platforms and even personal email addresses. In the event this does happen, you will not only be able to get instant evidence to penalize the particular employee, but even avoid any legal action should the employee decide to sue.

Employees with Mobile Devices

There may be many employees that work in the field and communicate with their Android phones or tablets to send emails, WhatsApp messages, SMS, GPS tracking systems, etc. iKeyMonitor is one of the best software in the market that allows you to keep track of literally everything that is sent from an Android or iPhone device. For starters, you can track passwords and keywords entered including the specific application in which the keystrokes were entered, date and time logs and even passwords in hidden characters.

Recording actual email content is extremely important for several reasons so it is important to choose staff monitoring software that allows you to figure out all the email content typed and save it for future use. iKeyMonitor also enables you to track the recipient of the email, capture screenshots and record the date and time. And this employee monitoring software will grant to access to the latest screenshots via FTP. These reports and screenshots can also be accessed on any other mobile devices, computers and other devices that have Internet access.

At many times, you may need to track where your employees are exactly in order to boost productivity and with software such as iKeyMonitor you can do just that and even view this location on map apps. These are some of the most important features to look out for when choosing staff monitoring software, but keep in mind that free employee monitoring software will more than likely fall short of one or the other so it is important to choose wisely.

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