Check Aobo Mac Spy Software Logs via iPhone

As one of Aobo Mac Spy Software users, you may be busy on a fair number of travels and it is difficult for you to check email reports by computer frequently. In that case, you can make use of your iPhone to read log reports. It is easy and goes this way.

  1. Configure Email settings of the keylogger on your Mac and take a test successfully.
  2. Touch "Mail" option on your iPhone to receive log emails. If you didn’t use Mail before, you need to setup it.
  3. Download the Zip-format attachments in your log emails to your iPhone.
  4. Open the Zip file. If your iPhone doesn’t support Zip file, please download and install a file manager from App Store, such as Zip File Viewer.
  5. You will find there are log files named Keystokes, Websites and some pictures for screenshots (only available when you take the function of screenshots recording into work) in the Zip file.
  6. Open the log files with your web browser such as Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Congratulations! You can read the log details of your Mac by iPhone now!

Also, it is possible for you to read logs by this way on your Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and other smart mobile phones.

Note: Please make sure the size of the log email doesn’t outstrip the limit size of your mobile phone by setting the interval of the Email Sending, Screenshots Recording and Auto Deleting on your Spy Software interface.

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