How to Blacklist Websites with Aobo Web Blocker - User Guide

The all-in-one solution to shield your computer from the websites you don’t want is blacklisting them with Aobo web blocker. In its default settings, Aobo web blocker will block any porn websites unless it is expressly given permission. However, there may be cases where you’ve changed the default settings and now you need to take […]

Aobo Filter for Mac Quick Start - User Guide

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is a web monitoring and blocking tool specially designed for Mac OS X users. Simple but powerful blocking features ensure that all the Mac users being protected from unfriendly websites and applications. It also provides website recording function, which enables you to block potentially dangerous websites handily. Setup Aobo Internet […]

Install Aobo Filter for Mac - User Guide

1.Open “Aobo Filter for Mac OS_V1.1.pkg” 2.Click “Continue” on the installation interface 3.Enter admin password and click “OK”-“Continue Installation” 4.Click "Restart" to finish Aobo Filter for Mac installation. You Mac will reboot automatically. 5.Use the shortcut key “Shift+Alt+A” to bring up the Aobo Filter Windows

Uninstall Aobo Filter for Mac - User Guide

To uninstall Aobo Filter for Mac Standard or Trial, you can follow the steps below: 1.Open your installation package. Download it again if you deleted it. 2.Double click the "Uninstall" to open it from the installation package. 3.Click the "Open" to be sure of uninstallation when the warning message comes out. 4.Enter your admin password […]

Quick Start - User Guide

Micro Keylogger is a powerful tool, yet extremely easy to use and configure. Setting up Micro Keylogger will only take you a few minutes and then you will be ready to start monitoring! This quick guide will walk you through getting Micro Keylogger ready. Start Keylogger The first time when you launch Micro Keylogger after […]

Installation - User Guide

Micro Keylogger is very easy to install. To install Micro Keylogger at the first time, please follow the steps below: Download Micro Keylogger here. Extract all files from the and open the folder you extracted the files to. Three files you will get: microkl-180.exe – Micro Keylogger installer Readme.html -brief guide about Micro Keylogger […]

Configuring Monitoring Settings - User Guide

Micro Keylogger’s Monitoring settings can be configured by clicking on the "Monitoring" button on the left-hand option panels in Micro Keylogger configuration window. From there you can configure options you want enabled. The following monitoring options can be configured: Monitor all activities Choose the activities (Websites Visited, Applications Used, Files Downloaded, Keystrokes Typed) you want […]

Configuring Screenshots Settings - User Guide

Micro Keylogger not only records keystrokes but also captures screenshots of the user desktop. You can turn this feature on by checking the option "Capture desktop screenshots" on Micro Keylogger "Screenshot" panel, then you can configure options you want enabled. The following Screenshot options can be configured: Screenshots Area Choose to capture the entire desktop […]

Viewing Reports - User Guide

Micro Keylogger’s logs can be viewed via its built-in log report tool or emails/FTP. Locally view the logs View Report Click "View Reports" button to view the keystrokes, websites, and applications logs. Show Monitoring date for specified Time range: Choose the log reports start and end time. Show data from all monitoring category: Choose the […]

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