Blocking Websites on Google Chrome - Learning Center

Is it really a requisite to block websites on Google Chrome for employees? Well, it’s not only observance but also the stats that speak for the same. Various research statistics have been indicative of the fact that most of the working professionals spend almost 8-10% of their working hours in surfing sites that are unrelated […]

Why Have Website Parental Control for Windows 8 - Learning Center

Website parental control for Windows 8 should be your step towards being a responsible and smart parent. Adolescence is a crucial phase in the life of every individual. The importance is this phase is marked by the fact that children tend to choose wrong paths if they are not monitored strictly. Parents often spend long […]

What is the Best Internet Filter? - Learning Center

If you are wondering what is the best internet filter for your computer, you have started out on the right track. However, the right answer to this question can be quite tricky when you start looking for the best internet filter on the internet. Every filtering software will claim to be the best and making […]

Keep your children safe online with Aobo Filter for PC - Learning Center

Our children have grown up in the Internet age. Almost Everything they have done including studying, learning, recreational activities and entertainment, getting information and gaining knowledge about the world, keeping in contact with teachers and friends, is all done online. There are great benefits from this, as we can see that our children have become […]

The Growing Need of Parental Internet Filter - Learning Center

Internet has reached to the very depths of our society and is today an intrinsic part of our lives. Right from small children to adults, internet fulfils various functions and caters to a range of passions and interests. People write blogs on the blog sites interact with people from across the world on social networking […]

Who Needs to Go for Internet Filter Download - Learning Center

An internet filter download can be a great idea for a whole lot of individuals. For example, this software can be used to block harmful websites that may impact impressionable children. This can be carried out at homes as well as schools or colleges. Similarly, many companies also adopt internet filtering to ensure that their […]

All About How to Block Websites on Opera - Learning Center

Opera is one of the fastest browsers available today which is why it is popularly used among internet browsers. Especially for people with a low speed internet connection and bandwidth, Opera is a very good option. Opera has a useful Turbo mode that enhances the pleasure of browsing for users and the built-in plugin allows […]

Best Application Blocker for Porn Filtering - Learning Center

If you have a family computer that isn’t running an application blocker then you should drop everything you are doing and attend to it as fast as possible. The reason is because your children could be watching porn at this very minute and you would be none the wiser. To say the porn is a […]

Finding the right Website Blocker for Firefox - Learning Center

If you are a regular user of Firefox for browsing the internet, you may wonder how to block objectionable content from the internet. This problem is compounded if you have children in the family. Getting a reliable website blocker for Firefox is a must in this situation. That said, finding the right website blocker is […]

The Benefits of a Free Web Site Blocker - Learning Center

The World Wide Web will give you access to just about anything, but that doesn’t mean that all websites should be accessed by everyone. Some websites have content that is inappropriate for kids at home or content that is damaging and harmful for your system. If you wish to keep a security check, block games […]

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