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3 Other Mac Spy Software Scams You Need to Know

Scams never stop. Days ago we have a discussion about Mac Spy Software Scams, and this time Aobo Software will continue to disclose some Mac Spy Software scams which are going about the world. 1. Mac Spy Software that records keystrokes typed before installation. Mac Spy Software will not log keystrokes tapped before the keylogger […] Tags: , , , , , ,

Tips to Make Aobo Mac Spy Software More Secure

Notice: This guide is Out of Date. Aobo Keylogger for Mac 3.8 and above will hide itself after installation!! In order to keep kids safe online, many parents install Aobo Mac Spy Software to monitor their kids’ activities. However, most of them are worried about the Mac spy software may be deactivated by their kids […] Tags: , , , , ,

2 Tips to Monitor Mac User Activities

As a parent, or an employer, you can use mac spy software and parental controls to keep an eye on what activities happened on your Mac OS X computers. The following tips will focus on how to keep track of the user activities. Install Mac Spy Software Installing a Mac Spy Software is the first […] Tags: , , ,

How to Find Passwords Recorded by Aobo Mac Spy Software

You may be confused about how to find the recorded passwords in Aobo Mac Spy Software keystroke logs. Now you are provided the following tips and guides. 1. If web browser saved the account user name before, the spy software will only log the passwords typed in. And when the browser automatically fills both of […] Tags: , , , ,

Tips: Auto-Delete Feature of Aobo Mac Spy Software

One feature of Aobo Mac Spy Keylogger for Mac OS X is that you can set it to automatically delete logs after several days. Here we will give an introduction to the details of how it actually works, which will help users understand how to make Aobo Mac Spy Software work better. 1. The function […] Tags: , , , , ,

Tips to Monitor Mutiple User Accounts by Mac Spy Software

Aobo Mac Spy Software can work on multi-user accounts on a Mac computer even if what you purchased is Personal License. To make Aobo Mac Spy Software monitor another user account’s keystrokes, websites and desktop, please refer to the following steps. How-tos: 1. Login to the user account you want to monitor. 2. Download the […] Tags: , , , , , ,

How to Select Aobo Mac Spy Software

Many clients purchase too quickly without taking well consideration about selecting which Spy Software edition. As a result, they have to upgrade purchase or switch to a different edition. To make sure every user understand which Aobo Mac Spy Software edition to use, Aobo will give some basic instructions about how to select a suitable […] Tags: , , ,

Solve the Email Problem of Aobo Mac Spy Software

Some Aobo Mac Spy Software users may run into the problem of not getting any emails. They will ask “why it happened” directly without giving any more details. Actually, the condition on your target Mac is complicated so that the mac spy software’s performance varies. To help users solve the email problem easily and quickly, […] Tags: , , ,

How-tos About Aobo Mac Spy Software

How is Aobo Mac Spy Software different? Aobo Mac Spy Software is the only one monitoring solution which supports password recording for Mac OS X users in present market. It can work with both Mac and w/Intel chip. Aobo Mac Spy Software has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and […] Tags: , , ,

How to Choose a Suitable Spy Software for Mac

If you want to apply Spy Software for Mac in your computer, you should be careful which one you buy. For those who use Mac OS system, selecting a suitable Spy Software for Mac is much more difficult, as most of the Spy Software is for PC and has not been evaluated as “safe and […] Tags: , ,