How to Protect Your Child Against Internet Predatory? - Learning Center

Nowadays, parents are very conscious about their children using internet. There are many predators meandering around the internet making children as their victims. Parents want to save their children from these man-eaters, but they cannot be there for their children all the time. Internet has its both good and bad sides. It depends upon us […]

How To Detect If There is A Keylogger Installed On Your Computer - Learning Center

With the development of technology, internet has made almost everything so easy and there are several disadvantages that come with this. For instance there has been an increase in cybercrime and phishing. This is whereby strangers are able to access your passwords as well as other important information that would enable them to access your […]

Download Spy Software for Mac to Monitor Children - Learning Center

I wanna download spy software to monitor my children. They are using Mac OS. Where can I find that? Programs that monitor what takes place on the computer record everything that a user does while on the computer, online and offline. Keystrokes, emails, chats, even homework. All activity is monitored and recorded. Standing over their […]

How to Monitor Kids’ Social Network Activities? - Learning Center

Can anyone tell me how to monitor my daughter’s social network activities like messages or conversations? I know that she likes making friends and chatting with them online, but I never know what they are talking about and she refuses to tell me. I am really worried about her. She is only 14 and she […]

How to Monitor Employees’ Web Browsing Habits? - Learning Center

I was wondering where I can download software for Mac which will allow a company to monitor its employees’ web browsing habits and report them back to the company’s server where they can be retrieved and reviewed by authorized individuals. Can you make any recommendations? Aobo Keylogger for Mac is an invisible computer monitoring program […]

What Is Parental Control of Internet and How to install It? - Learning Center

Most children today spend most of their time on their computer browsing different websites and socializing on popular social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. You’ll see even the little ones aged below 10 spend endless hours on the web. Now to this, like many parents you might say that we are in the millennia […]

What Features A Perfect Keylogger Must Have? - Learning Center

In the world of today, life without the internet is hard to imagine. Let alone the adults, even children find it difficult to get through the day without logging on to their Facebook account and updating their status. Where the internet serves as a fantastic platform to educate and acquire information about different things, sometimes […]

What to Expect from Your Windows XP Keylogger - Learning Center

There is a lot that goes into selecting the right Windows XP keylogger to make sure that all activity on your computers is recorded. But why does one need this software? Well, there are quite a few reasons for the same. For example, if you are having a problem with employee productivity and find your […]

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