Why Is It Necessary to Have an Internet Filter - Filter Mac Learning Center

A couple of years ago, it was extremely easy to accidentally stumble upon pornographic material online, especially for the young, innocent minds sitting behind the computer screen. In the present times, however, something like this happening has a very low probability because all internet search providers have an internet filter installed. This filter was specifically […]

Block Porn Sites with Mac Internet Protection - Filter Mac Learning Center

Mac Internet protection is a simple computer application with powerful features that can prevent lots of heart ache for many parents. "Block porn" – the two simple words are always ignored by many parents or taken for granted until it is too late. On a day by chance, they use their kid’s computer either because […]

Filter Internet on Mac with Internet Security Software - Filter Mac Learning Center

With the rapid proliferation of communication technology everywhere, Internet usage has grown considerably both in developed and developing countries. Every day millions of websites are created and it has become virtually impossible to demarcate the good from the nefarious ones. The onus is now on the users to protect themselves from these undesired websites. Internet […]

How and Why of Temporary Website Blocker - Filter Mac Learning Center

Internet today is full of undesirable porn content. As children of today have easy access to Mac, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that they do not have access to compromising content. Many filters are available today that allow for temporary or permanent blocking of websites. Some internet users prefer using the temporary […]

Tips for Using Internet Block Software to Protect Kids - Filter Mac Learning Center

Children of all ages are now spending more time on the internet rather than hang out with their friends or indulge in an outdoor activity. Now the internet definitely has its benefits, but it may also damage your child through spam emails, advertisements, pornographic websites, internet chat portals and other online dangers. Therefore, if you […]

Block Unwanted Websites with Control Internet Software - Filter Mac Learning Center

Control internet software is an effective way to block several websites which may be unfavorable or harmful to other users in any way. This software determines the content or websites that are permitted on a particular system. Several website blocking software can be found for the Mac platform offering a whole plethora of options. However, […]

Take Advantage of Internet Web Filtering - Filter Mac Learning Center

The internet is the most common platform of communication as well as entertainment. Most of us spend our maximum hours in front of our Mac or computer systems. While browsing various websites we come in contact with lots of unwanted websites. Sometimes these websites contain lots of viruses, but what to do? We don’t have […]

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