Stop Using Micro Keylogger to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Usually, even though you sensed something wrong with your partner, without the strong evidence, it is still difficult for you to catch the cheating spouse. You once tried to catch him or her, but all your efforts might be in vain. You may think what you need is a keylogger or mobile spy software, both of which are available on the market. However, we suggest you stop using keylogger/spy software to catch cheating spouse.

Spying on others’ devices can be considered as illegal activities. Keyloggers and spy software are a good tool for parental control and employee monitoring, but it’s not legitimate to use Micro Keylogger to spy on spouses without the phone owners’ permission. But you can still use them to watch kids and monitor employees.

Computer Spying Software – Watch Kids’ Computer Activity

The computer spying software offers favorable hand to monitor and record every activity happened on your kids’ computer, such as the emails sent, websites visited, keystrokes typed, chat conversations, and even the passwords entered.

More important, the logs it recorded will be sent to you via preset email address or FTP space silently, which provides you the valuable remote monitoring function. You can check the results remotely whenever the internet is available without having any physical approaches to the computer. Besides that, all the monitoring activities are happening in the invisible and undetectable mode.

Key features of computer spying software

  • Monitoring invisibly – All the monitoring behaviors are finished silently
  • Log chats contents – All your spouse’s chatting conversation can be logged
  • Record web history – You can check all the websites your kids visited
  • Keystrokes typed – Keep track of all the keystrokes entered on the computer
  • Check via email/FTP – You can check the results through your email or FTP

Mobile Spying Software – Spy on Mobile Phone

Mobile spying software refers to the application that can record all your children’s mobile activities, including the contents on SMS, the call information, the websites visited, capture the screenshots and check results remotely.

In fact, as long as you have installed the mobile spying software, it can work automatically without any manual operation. That is to say, you needn’t keep in touch with your kids’ cell phone at all. Moreover, it can run secretly without showing itself up in the mobile phone task manager.

The whole process, from the running of the software to the delivering of the reports, can be finished in a stealth and undetectable mode in case that your spouse discovers it. In this way, you are allowed to seek for the truths and take counter actions timely.

Main Features of mobile spying software

  • Record SMS contents – All the incoming and outgoing messages can be recorded
  • Log call information – You can keep track of all the numbers your spouse dialed
  • Track websites visited – All the website history of the cell phone can be recorded
  • Capture screenshots – All the logs can be presented with the vivid visualized images
  • View reports remotely – You can check logs via your email address or FTP space
  • Running undetectable – It is able to work silently and secretly to get what you want

Users Testimonials

"My husband is a silent man. He never tells anything to me. But I still want to know more. With the Micro Keylogger, I can know what is happening to him even though he still doesn’t say anything to me. Thanks!" – Jean

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