Easily Capture Keystrokes Mac with Aobo Keylogger

Capture Keystrokes Mac

Capturing keystrokes on Mac has a number of benefits which can be reaped if used well. One of the most obvious advantages of capturing keystrokes is data recovery from any email or document in case you happen to accidentally delete important information or your system. Similarly, you can also capture keystrokes Mac to keep track of the usage habits of employees, children, etc. Either way, Aobo Keylogger for Mac has just the solutions you are looking for in order to keep track of every key that has been typed on your Mac keyboard.

The Reason for Capturing Keystrokes on Mac

Sure, there are many free download options available out there but none is equivalent to Aobo Mac Keylogger in terms of features and advantages. However, if you are still looking for keylogger free download for a short while, you can check out the trial version of this software. This is a great way to first get a feel of the software and then make your decision regarding purchase. It will also give you time to familiarize yourself with the software before using it. This software runs covertly in the background keeping a constant record of every key typed on the Mac. Here are a few reasons to capture keystrokes Mac using the best keylogger out there:

Monitor Employees’ Mac Activity

One of the most significant uses of Aobo Mac Keylogger is keeping track of employee activity. While employees seem to be working each time you look, it is practically impossible to keep track of employees all the time. There is no end to the number of distractions out there and they can all bring down your productivity greatly. From social networking sites to free video streaming and lots more, there are many risks to the productivity of your employees. Aobo Keylogger for Mac will help you capture keystrokes Mac and keep track of every move made by your employees on their computers without actually having to spy on them at all times.

Maintain Parental Control on Mac Computers

Another use of the keylogger is to keep a track on how the Mac is being used by the family. In fact, if you are wondering why a family member keeps deleting browsing history or chat logs on the Mac operating system, this will be the best way to find out without any need for direct confrontation.

This keylogging software is yet another great method to maintain parental control on computers. While website blocking software can help you protect your children to some extent, you must also factor in the truth that kids are pretty smart these days and there is a good chance they would have found a way around these filters. With Aobo Mac Keylogger, you can be one step ahead and capture keystrokes Mac to know just what your kids have been up to on the internet.

Track Stolen Mac

One of the lesser known advantages of any of the best keylogger for Mac is that it can also help you track back your stolen MacBook and iMac. Though there is no guarantee of finding the computers through the guidance of recorded keystrokes, it still improves your chances of finding your lost Mac computers.

When looking for software to capture keystrokes, you must be sure that the software is safe and free from any spyware or any other threats to your system. Aobo Keylogger for Mac guarantees complete safety in this respect as well and has been widely accepted as a clean and safe keylogger for the Mac operating system. Additionally, this keylogging software also provides customers with additional features such as FTP support, e-mail as well as password recording. When looking to capture keystrokes Mac, finding an effective software tool is just as important as finding a reliable one and Aobo Mac Keylogger surely fits these shoes.

How to Capture Keystrokes Mac by Using Aobo Mac Keylogger

Capturing the keystrokes is one way for you to track what activities are performed on your computer. It is also a method that can be used by administrators to track all of the employees’ inputs on computers when they are at work. The program that can capture keystrokes is a keylogger.

A program designed for capturing the keystrokes on a Mac computer available today is Aobo Mac keylogger. Here are some steps telling you how to capture keystrokes by Aobo Mac keylogger.

  1. Before installation, Please go to System Preference – Universal Access and check to Enable access for assistive devices.
  2. Download Aobo Mac Keylogger installation package from websites or the link in Order Email.
  3. Install the keylogger following the guide in “ReadMe”. The installation steps of the Professional edition will be more than Standard editions’.
  4. Use hotkey to bring up the keylogger interface and configure it according to instructions.
  5. After the installation and configuration are completed, please reboot your Mac.
  6. Your keylogger will start working. Please type more than 100 keystrokes to test it.

Caution: It is important that you can only use this keylogger for Mac on the Mac which belongs to you, or you should previously tell the users that the program is running if you don’t own the computer. Otherwise, you will get into the trouble of privacy invasion.

You can use the feature of capturing keystrokes on Mac for the good usages, such as parental control, employee monitoring and getting back your own lost Mac computer. Aobo Mac Keylogger provides all the features that you need for capturing keystrokes on Mac. Register a free trial version and test it now!

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