Can Your Kids Bypass Aobo Web Filter?

Many of the Aobo Web Filter users may have the same apprehensive mood that if their kids can bypass the parental control blocking. Kids today are smart and talent, some of them are even computer genius. Once detected being blocked, they would take means, using proxy, installing filter counter software, cracking the filter, trying to change the settings, to revolt. However, you can 100% rely on Aobo Web Filter to protect your kids from bad websites due to the rigorous security measures in Aobo Web filter which is hard to encroach on. 1. Aobo Web Filter will work silently on the background with no pop up or icon displaying after installation. Further more, when your kids try to access the blocked websites, the pages are appeared as cannot be found, which is a brilliant stroke as if the web page doesn’t exist. So your kids will not discern the blocker. 2. Aobo Web Filter is the only website blocker that gives you complete protection. With the advanced algorithm and technology, all the websites and keywords will be automatically filtered, your kids can not bypass the blocking even using a proxy. 3. Aobo Web Filter provides parents with password protection. All the manipulations varied from checking websites visited, changing the settings, stopping software from working to uninstalling the software are done under the requirement of password. Parents have password are the only possessors. Tips: To make your blocking much more security and never being broken up, changing your Aobo Web Filter password periodly is recommended.

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