Elite Keylogger Review - Elite Keylogger

Besides keystroke recording, Elite Keylogger also includes integrated features of screenshot capturing, email intercepting and website logging. Elite Keylogger has flexible advanced settings, both for computer savvy and novices. Elite Keylogger is clean and secure. It runs in total stealth (Base driver level) and defeats anti-virus programs with a live update system. Advantages: 1. Running […]

Elite Keylogger - Elite Keylogger

Don’t you want to know what your employees are doing when you are not watching them? Elite Keystroke Recorder will find this out for you! Elite Keystroke Recorder records everything happening on the monitored PC, including chat conversations on instant messengers, e-mail message, història del lloc web, pulsacions de teclat, programs executed, passwords typed (including Windows logon password), usernames […]