Block Websites Temporarily

Web sites like Facebook, Youtube are such effective time-wasters because they relax the “executive brain” – the center responsible for focused decision making, and leave you at the mercy of your impulses and compulsions. Many of us spend a lot of our time with the “executive brain” switched off.

Some tools like Aobo Internet Filter for Mac enable you to block specific websites temporarily so that your kids or employees do not wasting time on disallowed websites during specific time.

Block Websites Temporarily With Aobo Filter for Mac

Aobo Filter for Mac is an easy option to temporarily block websites. To block sites temporarily, please go like this:

  1. Hit hot key on your keyboard to open the filter interface
  2. Click "+" to add the time-wasting website to black list
  3. You can also use "Only allow to visit websites in white list"

To unblock these websites, just remove them from black list or uncheck "Enable the web filter engine"

Block Websites Temporarily by Editting Hosts File

Modifying Hosts file is a little complicated. If there is something wrong, it may be influent your system. Please be careful with your every move.

  1. Open Applications – Utilities – Terminal
  2. Type "sudo nano /etc/hosts" without quotes
  3. Type in "" in the bottom line
  4. Adding the URLs of web sites to block them
  5. Hit "Ctrl+X" and then "Y" to save and exit Hosts
  6. Type "dscacheutil -flushcache" in the Terminal

Note: You can only add one website to one line.

Now the websites are temporarily blocked. To unblock please get into Host file and delete the line.

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