Block Websites Temporarily by Aobo Filter for PC

Websites blockers are used by many people to create a safe internet for their home and workplace. With website blockers you can employ effective parental controls for your children and create a productive work environment at your office. The newest website blockers come not just with the ability to block websites with pornographic content but any website that you think could be potentially harmful or dangerous. It is also possible to block websites temporarily, and remove it from the blacklist after sometime when you’re sure it wouldn’t be harmful.

Aobo Porn Filter is a popular website blocker that not only enables you to protect your children from pornographic and X-rated content but you can also block any unwanted or unsuitable activity with the help of effective web filters. In this brief article I will introduce you to some of the most prominent features of Aobo porn filter for websites and how can you block websites temporarily.

1.Block Pornographic Websites Temporarily

Aobo Porn Filter excels itself from other website filters due to its unique content filtering algorithms that allow you to block any website that contains pornographic or adult content. This enables you to save your family from both porn websites that are accessed willingly, and those that suddenly pop up while you are on a completely safe website. These popups contain sexually arousing pictures and animated videos most of the times that may incite your children to unwilling click on the advert and explore what’s on the website.

With Aobo Porn Filter installed you will be able to not just block the porn websites that are known to you, but also websites that are unknown. As there are thousands of pornographic websites crawling around the internet, you could block websites temporarily with the help of keywords. Every website that contains the specified keyword would be blocked automatically. If you want to unblock any particular website at a later time, it is also possible with Aobo Porn Filter.

2. Block Unwanted Websites

You can not only block porn websites temporarily but any website that you think could be dangerous for the visitors. These may include websites that promote hatred, arouse feelings of resentment and extremism, websites that contain potentially dangerous programs and viruses etc. Some employers also prefer to block websites temporarily that reduce productivity at work such as social networking during office hours. All you need to do is enter the website’s address in the filter and it will be blocked automatically.

3. Block Unwanted Apps

With Aobo Filter you can also block any unwanted app from running on your computer. These may include applications that may be dangerous and attempt to download virus and other harmful data, games or software you do not want to run. It is very helpful in reducing the game addiction in children and blocking the games that contain graphic material, nudity, violence, sexist and violent language etc. So you cannot just block websites temporarily but also prevent any application from running.

How to use Aobo Porn Filter to block websites temporarily?

This is very easy and simple. You do not need to learn any computer code, or specific steps and procedures to effectively block websites and applications temporarily. All you need to do is to:

  1. 1. Install Aobo Porn Filter for blocking websites temporarily
  2. 2. Set up web filters using URLs or keywords
  3. 3. Sit back and relax

That’s right! Once the blocking software is set up you don’t need to do anything else. It will silently keep a watchful eye on your computer and run in stealth mode without anyone even knowing. You can purchase Aobo Porn Filter by following my affiliate link:

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