Block Website With Password Protection

Many times we need to block websites for the common reasons that the content is porn or gambling or any other inappropriate for your kids. To protect the filtering settings from unauthorized changes, it is essential that the blocker has password protection feature which enables you to set a completely solid blocking that no one can change your settings or remove the blocker. Here are two blocking solutions with password protection. LeechBlock Firefox Extension LeechBlock is a small productivity Firefox extension to block access to a website, which is configurable with a list of options blocking any websites during a customizable time interval. With different times and days for each set or  a combination of time periods and time limit, you can specify up to six sets of the sites to block. Websites will be promptly blocked for a specified duration due to the “lockdown” feature. LeechBlock offers password as well to protect others from accessing or change it. Only working for Firefox browser, Leechblock provides basic and limited blocking features. As to professional solutions functional to all browsers, Aobo web filter is the best choice. Aobo web filter features:
  • Block unwanted web sites by URL or keywords
  • Block porn web sites automatically
  • Record Website visits from IE/Firefox/Google Chrome
  • Block visiting unwanted websites with web proxies
  • Block any Games, applications from running
  • Run in stealth and undetectable mode
  • Work with all popular web browsers
  • Password protection
It’s crucial for you to take the password feature into account when facing many means of website blocking. So long as choosing a method with password protection, you would be returned for a sustained and secure blocking.

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