Block A Program From Running With Aobo Blocker

Sometime, it’s necessary for you to block a program from running under certain circumstances. For example, parents want to block their teens who are addict to the Internet form messengers, games; employers want to restrict employees from accessing applications have functionality of file transfer, entertainment software or any other kind of utility software. Most of the programs which are not designed to work and limit the access depending on account policies and restriction of operating systems, lack the ability to censor users against their use. Fortunately, with tools like Aobo Blocker, blocking any unwanted programs could be an easy task. Aobo Blocker instantly blocks unwanted programs or processes (Messengers, Internet, games) from running while your children are using the computer. Aobo Blocker offers fully customizable program filtering for each user on your computer. You can easily create software blacklist by adding programs you want to stop. Aobo program blocker features: Block Browsers: Prevent your kids using any browsers, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, to browse porn websites on your computer with Aobo internet filter software. Block Instant Messaging Software: Block Facebook Chat, chat Messengers, MSN, Yahoo messenger, AOL Messenger, Skype, ICQ, you don’t want to run on your kid’s or company computers. Block Games: Block WOW (World of Warcraft) or any other game programs you don’t want your children or employee to wallow in. Block any unwanted program: Block any program you don’t want to run on your computer. Aobo blocker keeps a continuous track of applications while user tries to open them; it will not allow them to run at all. Thus the user will have no way to use them.

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