Best Mac Spy Software for Mountain Lion

It has been much anticipated and well welcomed by Apple fans with the launch of Mac OS X Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8.x) on July 19, 2012. As is expected, Mac Mountain Lion with great new features is going to be the new favorite of Mac users and be numerously downloaded. In view of the boost of Mac Mountain Lion, Aobo Mac Spy Software releases the best Mac Spy Software for Mountain Lion to offer support to the new Apple operating system.

What is New in Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

  • iCloud – Just sign in your Apple ID and then iCloud is set up on all the apps on your Mac so that your Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch will work synchronously. It makes your life more than easier.
  • iMessage – Enable you to send messages from your Mac to anyone on an iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch.
  • Notification Centre – Just swipe to the track pad and you will see all the notifications and know what is up as soon as it pops up.
  • Power Nap – Update all the information like mail, calendar and documents silently even while your Mac sleeps. When your Mac wakes up, all the updates will be in hand.
  • Dictation – Convert your words into texts, so now what you are talking is what you are typing.
  • Sharing – The Share button enables you to share right from the apps you are using , including safari, photos, videos and other files.
  • Facebook – With the built-in Facebook support, you can update your status right from the app you are in.
  • Twitter – Tweet links and photos and add comments directly from Safari or iPhoto without leaving the app you are in.
  • Air Play – Make your Mac set up with Apple TV which can show the websites and your files to your friends on the bed, students in the classroom or employees in the meeting room.
  • Game Centre – Just sign in your Apple ID and then you can play with anyone on an iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch.
  • Gatekeeper – Give more control on the apps you installed from the Mac App Store, identified developer or anywhere you want.

The Mac Mountain Lion is indeed powerful, so is our Mac Spy Software for Mountain Lion. Here are the key features of Aobo Mac Spy Software for Mountain Lion.

  • Powerful recording.
    All the keystrokes typed on any apps, websites visited on Mac Mountain Lion, screenshots captured on desktop in preset intervals, IP address of your monitored Mountain Lion as well as both-side chat history on iChat/AIM/Adium/Skype/MSN will be recorded. If you purchase the Professional Edition, even the password entered on your Mountain Lion will be recorded. Those logs will send to your email box or FTP space secretly and automatically.
  • Undetectable and strict monitoring.
    The whole monitoring process runs in stealth mode which will not show up on your startup items. And your login password is well protected, so no one else can access to your logs. Meanwhile, all the user accounts on the monitored Mac will be put under closer surveillance.
  • Easy and safe to use the Mac Spy Software for Mountain Lion.
    You can download it simply with step-by-step instructions and runs it in the background.

What can you do with Mac Spy Software for Mountain Lion?

  • Parental Control.
    The Spy Software helps you to keep track of what on earth your kids do on Mountain Lion. If they surf the bad websites or obsess with violent games or involving some troubles, you will be informed immediately thus taking actions in time to put them under your better protection.
  • Spouse Monitoring with permission.
    Cheating spouse always spends much time on the internet, but it is inappropriate to use the Spy Software to find out the truth. Please note: it’s illegal to monitor your spouse without permission.
  • Employee Monitoring.
    What if your employees spend much time on entertainment on the Mountain Lion in the work time? So you need the Spy Software to put surveillance on your employees which will benefits you with promoting sales.

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  • Getting Back the Lost or Stolen Mountain Lion.
    The Spy Software can log the IP address of the monitored Mac, so if your Mountain Lion gets stolen or lost, you can trace its location exactly and get it back soon.
  • Mac Information Protection.
    Every keystroke on the Mac will be logged, so most of the information like database, files and documents will be backuped. In addition, any move performed by hackers will not escaped from your surveillance.

Mac Spy Software for Mountain Lion is perfect out there for you to keep watch on your venerable Mac OS X Mountain Lion which makes your life easier and safer. Since the Mountain Lion will gain more and more attention, it is high time for you to apply the Spy Software to fully protect the persons you care about and the things you treasure.

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