Best Computer Monitoring Software and Why You Would Download Them

The best relationships are always based on one key thing: trust. It doesn’t matter whether it is a romantic one between lovers and family members or a business one that exists between employees and their boss, without trust there is no chance that the relationship will be a long one. Sadly, the realities of the world we live in and the selfish times of "I" rather than "us" makes it a must to not trust one another. This why looking for the best computer monitoring software has become the favorite pastime of a considerable number of people going online.

Ethically, the jury is still out on whether it is right or wrong to electronically spy on people. But, as we will see, there are times when there is just no alternative but to resort to such, some would say, "drastic" measures. It would seem that there are a lot of people out there who think so, seeing that the computer monitoring software industry is not only going strong, but making a killing too. As a matter of fact, competition is so tough that, some of the best computer monitoring software on the market can be downloaded for free.

So, why exactly are people looking to download and install the best computer monitoring software that the industry can provide and why are they doing it as fast as they come out? Let us have a look at a few practical uses:

1.The Concerned Parent – parents have an obligation to look out for their children’s safety. Today, almost any child can easily go online. They have the means to connect to the internet with their cell phones, gaming consoles, laptops and computers. As the prices of these devices have gone down they have become more easily available to them. Add to that the fact that the technology industry is targeting a younger market and the perfect environment is created for them to be exposed to the evil that lurks in the e-world.

Parents worried that their children could be bullied, led to criminal activities or be victimized have no option but to fire up their browsers and search for the best computer monitoring software that they can get their hands on.

2.The Suspicious Lover/Spouse – as much we would love them to be true, the romantic relationships that we see in the movies or read about in paperback novels are very rare in real life. We need to work hard at making them work after the initial flames have died out. Although it would be a lie to say that all romantic relationships have trust issues, the truth is that there are a large number of them that do; and that is where the computer monitoring software industry comes a-knocking.

With a substantial amount of our time spent online, there is reason to believe that cheating occurs with someone that is met in the electronic world. At the very least, communication is first initiated and maintained in that way.

A jilted lover, therefore, can be sure to find proof of infidelity by mining through the suspect’s computer. He or she too, would eventually look for the best computer monitoring software to try and find proof for that mistrusting feeling.

3.The Overzealous Boss – A business is in existence to make money. That is the bottom line. They expect their employees to tag that line and work to make the profit line soar. They expect them to do nothing but work.

But, with majority of the workforce being connected to the internal and external networks, they fear that they could spend an unwanted amount of time surfing the internet. This, they presume, might lead to wasted man-hours and even expose their network to viruses, malware and hackers.

That is when, to the dismay of most employees, the companies resort to having computer monitoring software installed on their workers’ computers.

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