Aobo Filter for PC User Guide

How Does Aobo Filter for PC – Porn Filter Work?

Aobo Filter for PC – Porn Blocker checks porn words amounts in the website contents including title, keywords, tags and body and block the porn websites in line with your customizations.

Install Aobo Filter for PC

1. Download and Run the installer:
Click HERE to download Aobo Filter for PC. After download, please double click AoboFilter-Setup.exe and follow the instructions. Please press hotkey "ALT+SHIFT+F1" to bring up the filter after install.

2. Restart your computer
At the end of the installation, the setup will ask you to restart your computer to activate Aobo Filter for PC – Porn Filter. Please save your works and restart your computer.

3. Open Aobo Filter for PC
Aobo Filter for PC – Porn Filter will automatically run secretly in background after the computer restarted. Please press "ALT+SHIFT+F1" to call out the window of Aobo Filter for PC – Porn Blocker.

Password is required to enter the setting window. The default password is blank and please directly click "OK" without entering anything if it is the first time you open the filter. Then you will see the setting window.

Web Filter

Here you can configure Aobo Filter for PC to block websites and filter porn.

Please make sure the filtering engine is ON if you would like Aobo Filter for PC to work.

Choose the number of porn keyword, range from 1 to 6, Aobo Filter for PC – Porn Blocker will block websites according to the porn keywords amount you set up. Eg: Porn keyword number as 2 means that Aobo will block porn websites when 2 porn keywords in the web page are found.

  • Keyword number: "1" – the most strict level
  • Keyword number: "6" – minimize the false blocking

To allow the websites in white list only, please check "Block all websites except the ones in White list".

Password Setting

You can set a protective password for Aobo Filter for PC to stop others from changing the settings in "Options" window.

Type wanted password in both New Password and Comfirm Password boxes. You can also set a hint to remind you about the password in case you forget it.

Disable and Uninstall

You can disable Aobo Filter by clicking the ON/OFF button in the lower-right corner of the filter window. When you see "OFF", it means that Aobo Filter stops working.

Please notice that turning off Aobo Filter doesn’t remove it from your system.To uninstall Aobo Filter, please go to "About" and click "Uninstall" and then restart your computer.

Register & Free Trial

There is 3-day free trial after you install Aobo Filter. If you think Aobo Filter is helpful, please consider registering it. Only $49.95 needed for a personal license. Thank you!

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