Aobo Keylogger for Mac v3.4 Released

Aobo Mac Keylogger version 3.4 was launched on April 18, 2011 by Aobo Software which is the top monitoring software company. The 3.4 version keylogger is more convenient for Mac keylogger user to use by updating with some new specific features.

Know more about Aobo Mac Keylogger

Aobo Mac keylogger is a kind of Mac spy software supporting password recording. Aobo Mac keylogger is used to help people record all the user activity on the target Mac device. The typed keystrokes, visited websites, desktop captures and chat conversations in Skype, MSN, iChat, AIM, Adium will be all kept into the Mac keylogger. What’s more, sending the reports via email is also available. You are having a chance to view the reports from a remote place.

What’s new in Aobo Mac Keylogger version 3.4:

  1. Recording Skype 5.1.X chat conversations
  2. Logging Firefox 4.0 web history
  3. Logging Google Chrome web history
  4. Tracking MacBook IP and location:
    You can locate your MacBook if it is lost or stolen with the IP which shown in every email content.
  5. Keep the browser history even if it is deleted
  6. Beautify the interface on Email and FTP
    Users will enjoy a clear note if the logs are sent successfully.
  7. Some minor bugs are fixed.

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