Aobo Keylogger Auto Email Function Help

Aobo keylogger auto-email function is based on the email timer to send logs in an interval automatically.

If you have configured the mail tab exactly as described including Port 587. The test email was successful and received. But no other emails are received after that.

Please follow below steps to resolve it.

1. Check Mac computer energy saver.

Normally the mac will go to sleep mode when it is idle for some time. If the computer goes to sleep, the keylogger goes to sleep too. All the logs can’t be sent in this sleeping period. When the mac wakes up, the keylogger wakes up too, the timer continue calculating from the time before the computer sleeping period. The sleeping period will be ignored totally. If you want to turn off the mac sleeping or set it longer, please check the apple help:

2. Check the email interval and screenshot interval you’ve set.

The email interval should be longer than 30 minutes, and screenshots interval should be 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4 of the email interval, if the screenshot interval is too short than the email interval, lots of screenshots will be sent at a time as email attachment, if the attachment is oversized, the email can’t be sent successfully.


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