Aobo iPad Keylogger Software will Hit the Market Betimes.

As one of the hottest products in Apple, iPad helps thousands of users to take more advantage of the Internet resource today: movies, music, games, online chats. The iPad device is so handy in size and weight that becomes one of the most popular portable devices now.

The demand for iPad is more and more huge in the market. At the same time, Apple fans are affected by the iPad device which change people’s habit on the Internet. People are more like to take an iPad outside than a notebook. Especially, iPad is loved by teens. However, parents are worried about kids on online safety while using the iPad. They are searching a solution of iPad Spy. Aobo is lucky to announce that a professional iPad Spy solution – iPad Keylogger software will hit the market soon! A Keylogger for iPad helps to record all activities on the iPad and remotely send the logs.

Following us to know more about an iPad Keylogger:

– Write down the entered Passwords
– Log typed Keystrokes
– Record pasted texts
– Take notes of every SMS & Chats like WhatsApp
– Log Websites visited in Safari
– Take screenshots in any interval according to your need
– Remotely Send logs to Email/FTP automatically
– Secretly working and Monitoring in stealth mode
– Easy to remotely switch on/off the monitoring

Require for more features in an iPad Keylogger? Just let us know!

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