Easemon 的奖励和表彰

What is Easemon?

Easemon is Computer Monitoring System for Mac and Windows PC that keeps track of the computer activities from a central location. It helps you monitor and record activities on their Macs and Windows PCs, 包括: 类型的击键, 聊天记录, 组成的电子邮件, 网页历史记录, 应用程序的使用和更多.

Inappropriate employee activity is harming your company:

  • Easemon 发现谁偷懒
  • Easemon 发现谁泄露敏感数据
  • Easmon 知道谁违反规则和法律
  • Easemon 钟表 whho 是疏忽或效率低下

Advantages of Easemon:



There are situations where it's necessary to monitor employees in secret way, especially when you expect to develop hard, physical evidence in confirmation of negative behaviors. Deployed on the computers, Easemon covers the tracks and keeps the close watch over employees by itself. A self-preservation driver is available to shield the computer users from quitting the Easemon process.

Comprehensive computer activity logs - never miss a thing

Comprehensive computer activity logs - never miss a thing

Easemon enables supervisors to see almost everything that has been done on the target Mac and Windows PC. 它允许您登录, retain, review and report on employee activities including:

  • 什么击键
  • 互联网活动 (甚至在私密模式下)
  • 使用的应用程序
  • 他们说话的人,和他们谈些什么
  • 组成的电子邮件
  • Facebook, YouTube 日志
  • 和更多...


When a preset keyword is triggered for alert and notification, Easemon will take a screenshot and send an email notification to given recipients. This could be very useful if you would like to precisely spot who is violating company rules, which inappropriate web resources are accessed, what improper activities are performed and more monitoring goals. There are a lot of computer activities deserving special attention, 如:

  • Visiting inappropriate websites (alert words like "Facebook" or "porn")
  • Sending out company secrets (alert word like "company accounts")
  • 玩游戏,或在工作时间聊天 (alert word like "minecraft")
  • 在线购物 (alert word like "Amazon" or "Ebay")
  • And more...




与 Easemon, you can find out who is hard-working and who is not, what inappropriate applications are used most or what inappropriate websites are visited most. With the data collected, you can improve the productivity and efficiency by taking proper actions.

柔性管理与 Easemon 云

您自己的本地服务器或 Easemon 云

您可以设置 你自己本地的 PHP/MYSQL 服务器 or choose to use Easemon Cloud. Easemon Local PHP/MYSQL Server and Easemon Cloud can be used by MUTIPLE managers from different departments to master the working performance within their respective privileges, no interference with each other.

  • Multiple users, roles, 团体
  • 灵活的特权
  • 出口/打印日志作为确凿的证据
  • 远程注销, 重新启动, Shut Down the target Mac and Windows PC


特蕾西马尔克斯 特蕾西马尔克斯
Thanks for all of your help! This has been the best customer service I’ve ever had with a tech company, not to mention the impressive product itself! Everyone I chatted or emailed with was highly prompt and helpful!
I've already seen obvious productivity increase after I apply EaseMon in my office. 这不是我的错觉! 我们强烈推荐此程序为所有雇主感兴趣使他们的员工更有成效.
格伦 · 斯帕克斯 格伦 · 斯帕克斯
我本来想抓到某人做某事 "bad" before I bought my first license of EaseMon. But now I have great many ideas about how it will benefits my business so I decided to buy more! Thank you! I am a very happy customer.
杰森 · 威廉姆斯杰森 · 威廉姆斯
EaseMon offers top notch service and top notch results! Excellent cloud based employee monitoring solution! Will surely recommend it to others.
大卫 Semonian大卫 Semonian
它是我的公司来监视我的员工提高工作效率和的必要条件. 现在我们已经收到了低成本,高回报后第一个月的使用 EaseMon.
丹尼斯 · 安德森丹尼斯 · 安德森
EaseMon 是非常的解决方案,以保持我的员工在检查. 我会在工作时间内赶上几个 goof-offs. Super happy that I don't go wrong with this purchase!


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