Spytech SpyAgent 6.4 Released

Spytech SpyAgent 6.4
Powerful PC Monitoring and Surveillance

SpyAgent 6.4 has many new exciting features that raise the bar for computer monitoring and spy software. SpyAgent’s latest incarnation brings many, many new features to the table and they all cannot be listed below, but please read on to check out some of SpyAgent’s new key features.

Ease of Use Enhancements

인터페이스 기능 향상

SpyAgent’s interface has been given an extensive facelift. It has been modified to be more organized, intuitive, and easier to learn and use. SpyAgent’s viewers have been completely redone so that they are easier to read and view. Also added is a new help system that guides you through using SpyAgent’s many features.

Enhanced Log Management

SpyAgent’s new log viewers include built-in features that allow you to quickly cross-reference and link related log information together, search logs for keywords, filter specific events, add log items to content filtering, and create easy to read log reports. Gone are the days of trying to sort through endless lists of log data looking for specific and related log events.

Enhanced Log Reporting

SpyAgent offers new log report features that allow you to easily create sleek log reports for printing and viewing. Reports include “Top 10” usage reports, log specific reports, and log summary reports.


SpyAgent can now be configured to remove itself from a computer when a specified day arrives. SpyAgent can erase all its logs and program files, and then delete itself from the computer.

Logging and Monitoring Enhancements

컴퓨터 사용 로깅

SpyAgent now logs user computer sessions which details how long they were active during that session, how long they were idle, and when the session started and stopped.

트래픽 데이터 로깅

SpyAgent now logs all incoming and outgoing internet and network traffic data. This can include, but is not limited to, website activity, network activities, email and ftp service activities, network and web passwords, and even chat conversations.

파일 사용 로깅

SpyAgent can now log all file system activity. Any file changes, modifications, or deletions are logged – along with the user that performed the changes, and when.

파일 전송 로깅

SpyAgent can now log all web, email, and FTP file uploads and downloads performed by users. All file transfers show when the user performed the transfer, what protocol was used, and when.

향상 된 웹 사이트 로깅

SpyAgent’s website logging has been enhanced to show you exactly how long users have visited specific websites. Online search tracking has also been added to SpyAgent so you can see what web searches users are performing. Searches are logged by user, search engine, and time.

로깅 향상 된 대화 내용

SpyAgent now logs chat conversations made on the latest versions of MSN Messenger (including 8.x and Windows Messenger), AOL (including 9.0 and Optimized), ICQ (Pro and Lite versions), AIM Triton, GoogleTalk, XFire, Skype, Excite Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger.

SmartLogging – Activity Triggered Monitoring

SpyAgent has a new SmartLogging feature that lets you create a list of keywords that trigger monitoring. Keywords can be website addresses, program names, certain key phrases (like addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and names), and window titles. Monitoring is only started when a keyword is triggered, and can be set to automatically suspend logging after a set period of time.

지능형 화면 캡처

SpyAgent’s screenshot logging system can be configured to increase its capture frequency when windows are viewed that contain certain keywords in their captions. The capture frequency then returns to normal after the window that triggered the increase is no longer in use.

Improved Logging and Security – As a Whole

SpyAgent’s logging system has been improved as a whole. Many tweaks and modifications were made to SpyAgent’s monitoring process to make it more efficient, detailed, comprehensive, and secure. For example, if a third-party program removes key components, SpyAgent will automatically reinstall them.

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