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Tanya Byron, the well known British television psychologist, talks about her latest role as the Government’s family internet mentor. After her nearly one year’s research and investigation about teenagers and internet usage, “open a web browser and you walk through a global front door, ” she says, “letting your kids use the web completely unsupervised […]

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Block Unwanted Pornographic and Adult-Oriented Websites Spytech presents a new website filtering service – SentryNet. SentryNet is a filtering service designed to work in conjunction with our parental control software, SentryPC. SentryNet is a filtering service that blocks thousands of undesirable adult-oriented/pornographic websites from being viewed by users of your computer. SentryNet can also analyze […]

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Secure Filtering, Monitoring, and Access Control SentryPC enables you to control, restrict and record access and usage of your PC. You can control how long, and when users are allowed to use the computer, prevent the use of specific programs, block access to certain websites, restrict access to Windows functions, and more. In addition to […]

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Spytech SpyAgent Our #1 Computer Spy Software Solution Download SpyAgent! Spytech Realtime-Spy Remotely-Installable, Remote Computer Spy Software Demo Realtime-Spy! NetVizor Our Most Powerful Network Monitoring and Content Filtering Solution Download NetVizor! SpyAnywhere Provides the power to remotely control computers Download SpyAnywhere! Spytech SentryPC The #1 Solution for Parental Control and Access Control Download SentryPC! Keystroke […]

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Spytech SpyAgent Our #1 Computer Spy Software Solution The number one solution for computer monitoring and surveillance needs. Logs all keystrokes, applications, windows, websites, internet connections, emails sent and received, chat conversations, file uses, and even screenshots. Also, SpyAgent can filter websites and applications from being viewed on your PC! SpyAgent runs in total stealth […]