Mac Spytech Spy Software Related Services

Do you know Mac real-time Spytech spy software related services? Real-time Spytech Software has been dedicated to computer monitoring and security solutions for decades. Spytech’s product line combines excellent affordability with industry leading features, functionality, and ease-of-use, allowing users of all backgrounds to use our software. We concluded a handful of useful Mac Spytech spy software related services so as to help you better understand the functionality and usage.

Why Need Spytech Spy Software?

Do you know if your children have visited inappropriate websites or contacted suspicious guys when they are surfing the Internet? How can you make sure that employees are working wholeheartedly without wasting time conducting non-work related activities, such as shopping online, playing games, watching videos and visiting porn sites? How can you know that employees don’t sell or leak confidential business information to competitors? Whether you believe it or not, Mac Spytech spy software related services can solve all your worries!

Spytech Spy Related Services

Take a look at Mac related services of Spytech Spy Software and you will understand why you need it.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Real-time Mac Spytech spy software allows you to monitor the Mac computer activities remotely without physical access to the target computers. It can log all the keystrokes typed, including accounts and passwords, application usage and time stamp, chat conversations in Facebook, Line, WeChat, QQ, Skype, typed email content, website history in private browsing. Spytech also allows users to start and shut down the target computers remotely.

Email Notification in Stealth Mode

Spytech presents a powerful email account service- Stealth Email. Our stealth email account service works in conjunction with our monitoring software (such as SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere) to create guaranteed remote log delivery in a totally untraceable and secure environment. Stealth Email will work around ISP’s that block outside email services (such as AOL, AT&T, MSN, etc.) to allow for easily configured remote log delivery – in total privacy.

FTP Account Service

Spytech offers an easy-to-use FTP account service – Stealth FTP. Our Stealth FTP account service works in conjunction with our SpyAgent software to create guaranteed remote log delivery in a totally untraceable and secure environment. Stealth FTP will allow you to easily configure remote log delivery and receive them in total privacy. Read below to read about all the benefits that our Stealth FTP service provides.

Website Filter

Spytech offers a robust website filtering service – SentryNet. SentryNet is a filtering service designed to work in conjunction with our parental control software, SentryPC. SentryNet is a filtering service that blocks thousands of undesirable adult-oriented/pornographic websites from being viewed by users of your computer. SentryNet can also analyze websites and block them if they contain adult content, racism, or profane language. SentryNet requires minimal additional configuration and can be activated in just a few seconds, providing immediate protection.

Mac Spytech spy software related services also covers many other security and monitoring features besides the services mentioned above. If you are looking for an effective and secure method to keep an eye on your employees’ Mac activities or keep children safe online, this spy software can be your top selection.

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