Spytech SpyAnywhere

Spytech SpyAnywhere is a web-browser based remote control and remote computer monitoring tool. Ever need to remotely control or monitor your computer from a distance? Now you can with Spytech SpyAnywhere! Spytech SpyAnywhere is a remote spy tool that lets you monitor your computer from a remote location with just your web-browser. View keystrokes in real-time, view the user’s desktop, manage open windows and programs, and more. Spytech SpyAnywhere provides real-time live monitoring by connecting directly to your remote computer.

Avain erikoisartikkeli-lta Spytech SpyAnywhere

This is the list of the key features of Spytech SpyAnywhere.

  • Katso kauko näppäimistön reaaliajassa
  • Katso Etätyöpöytä reaaliajassa
  • Katso ohjelmia käynnissä
  • Katso Internet-yhteydet
  • Katso Jäsentenvälinen historiankirjoittaja
  • Viimeksi tiedostojen tarkasteleminen
  • Katso SpyAgent toiminta lokit
  • Sovellusten hallinta
  • Hallita avoimia ikkunoita
  • Katso etätiedostojärjestelmässä
  • Muokkaa rekisteriavaimia
  • Lähettää viestejä User
  • Käynnistää sivustoja ja sovelluksia
  • Lukitse etäinen tietokone
  • Toimii yhteensä Stealth

Laajat ominaisuudet Spytech SpyAnywhere

Spytech SpyAnywhere has a very large list of features. Below is a list of SpyAnywhere’s extensive features, organized by category for easy browsing, including remote administration features, security and stealth features, and ease of use features.

Etähallinta- ja valvontaominaisuudet

Spytech SpyAnywhere has built in remote administration features that allow you to remotely control and monitor remote computers with SpyAnywhere installed. SpyAnywhere allows for remote application and windows management, file system browsing, system lockdowns, real-time keystroke and desktop viewing, and more!

Kauko Reaaliaikainen näppäinäänitilan katsoo

View what users are typing in real-time as they type! SpyAnywhere’s real-time keystroke viewer will show every keystroke they type, as they type it, and categorize each keystroke under the window they type it in.

Reaaliaikainen työpöydän etäkatseluun

Grab screenshots of the remote computer’s desktop – allowing you to see what others are doing on your PC in real-time.

Remote Application/tehtävien hallinta ja katselu

View all running applications on the remote PC in a convenient listing on your web-browser. Control and manage tasks by closing them with a single click.

Etäjärjestelmän Lockdown valvonta

Lock and unlock the remote desktop from your web-browser! This allows you to keep users out of the remote PC, without ever having to be present at the PC.

Etäinen alku rekisterin hallinta

View and delete programs that automatically run when the remote computer is booted.

Kauko-sivusto käynnistää

Launch a website on the remote PC for the remote user to see.

Remote-ohjelman käynnistäminen

Launch a program on the remote PC for the remote user to use.

Kauko viesti näyttää

Display a message for the remote user to read. This allows you to send warnings, or simple messages to the remote PC.

Etäinen elimistö Shutdown/lepuuttaa/liikemerkki

Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff the remote PC from your web-browser with SpyAnywhere.

Kauko SpyAgent integraatio

If you have Spytech SpyAgent, our popular monitoring and surveillance solution, installed on the SpyAnywhere remote PC you can download and view SpyAgent’s websites, applications, passwords, internet connections, and windows logs.

Etälokin katselu SpyAgent

If SpyAgent is installed you can view all AIM/Gmail/Yahoo/ICQ conversations, keystrokes typed, websites visited, applications ran, and other events that have occurred on the logged machine.

Turvallisuus ja Stealth ominaisuudet

Spytech SpyAnywhere has built in security features to make the remote computer as secure as possible from unwanted users. SpyAnywhere’s security features include IP restrictions to the remote server, access and feature restrictions, and a secure password protected login.


SpyAnywhere can run totally in stealth; that is, it is virtually undetectable to the user. SpyAnywhere will NOT show up in the task manager under Windows – at all. It will also not appear in the Start Menu when installed in stealth.

Turvallista salasanalla kirjautumista

SpyAnywhere is password protected, so only you can access the remote PC with your own specified SpyAnywhere password.

Rajoitus käyttöasetukset

SpyAnywhere allows you to configure what remote options you can access through your web-browser. You can disable any features of your choosing.

Easy to Use!

Spytech SpyAnywhere is very easy to use. SpyAnywhere is powered by an intuitive graphical user interface and web-based control panel that lets you get started in seconds.

Intuitiivinen käyttöliittymä

Easy to use, graphical user interface, with intuitive labeled buttons and icons.

Web-pohjainen käyttöliittymä

All remote PC’s are accessed via your web-browser, from any location at any time.

Mahdollisia käyttötarkoituksia Spytech SpyAnywhere

Spytech SpyAnywhere can be used in many computer environments, and in countless ways. Here are a few possible uses for SpyAnywhere.

Remote Monitoring

SpyAnywhere allows you to see what others are doing on their computers – from a remote location.


SpyAnywhere can allow you to remotely control workstations. Click the link to read more.

Työsuhde Monitoring

Keep track of what employees are doing during business hours. Are they playing games, or actually working?

Vanhempien valvonta

See what your children are doing on your computer, and limit their computer usage. Click the link to read more.

Spytech SpyAnywhere is the most professional and secure remote monitoring and control tool, which can be used for various usages. If you are looking for a secure and professional monitoring tool, SPytech SpyAnywhere is worth consideration.

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